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    Individual ads are on individual pages, so you can print copies of the ad from your browser (go to the File menu, then Print) and post them as a flyer at your local tack shops, feed stores, and horse shows. Most color printers let you choose from several print quality settings, so choose the highest quality setting or dpi (dots per inch or resolution) when you print your ad. You can change printer settings by clicking on "Properties" or "Advanced" or "Options" from the window that comes up to ask how many copies you want from your printer.

    We know that plain text classifieds don't work very well, but you can improve their effectiveness by listing the web address of your Horsesales ad in the free classifieds of other sites to direct buyers to photos of your horse. Your ad's address will be in the address box of your browser when you are looking at the ad, and is generally of the form

    If you aren't getting any response on your Horsesales ad after a couple weeks, consider lowering the price, re-wording the ad, or improving the photos. We have no problem with changing your ad during it's 6 month run, and at no extra charge. The best way to get an ad changed, is to email us at


    Get in close! Make the horse fill about 90% of the frame, even when moving.

    If your camcorder has the image stabilizer feature, make sure it is turned ON (some camcorders have a button marked "EIS" for electronic image stabilizer).

    Dark horses need light backgrounds, light horses need dark backgrounds. The background should be fairly consistent behind the entire body of the horse.

    Pictures come out best on a sunny day, with the sun to your back.

    In an indoor arena, make sure any bright doorway is at your back.

    Avoid bright sunlight - early morning or late afternoon sun is better, if possible.

    If your camera allows, turn the flash ON (especially on a dark day, or indoors), but natural sunlight hitting the horse's side, and coming from behind the photographer, is always better.

    Try to get a side view "conformation" shot, a front view, and a shot of the horse moving.

    When you are close to the horse, it helps the perspective to bend your knees a little and shoot the picture level or pointing slightly up toward the horse's head. It's always best to avoid shooting down at the horse from a higher vantage point, level shots look best.

    Try to make sure the horse's ears are forward, nobody likes the look of pinned ears!

    For conformation shots, try to get the horse standing with all four feet flat on the ground, preferably with all four legs showing separately, and with the horse looking straight ahead with neck stretched and ears forward.

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