8 year old grade Quarter Horse type gelding


15.1+ hands. No papers. Age guesstimate by vets: 7-9. A FABULOUS mover. He could do straight dressage with an amateur rider. Easy to the bridle and responsive yet sensible. He's also a super cute and willing jumper with consistent, square knee form. Easy and uncomplicated. Jumps Starter courses. No spook or look to him. He's not quick at the canter. He has a rocking horse type gait and naturally tends to get his leads. Fabulous shoulder reach and comfortable sitting trot.

He's a showy guy who always gets attention. He's been extensively trail ridden and is fearless down muddy banks and into deep creeks, etc. Calm and confident in the open, alone and with other horses. Not herd bound. He is still green and not used to show environments, but is a safe fellow.

He passed a flex test and jumps a 2' 6 course sound, although knee x-ray shows an old chip/injury. He needs to be girthed up gently, but after he is comfortable with the girth, he goes to work and does his job with 100% dedication and class.

He's performed in dressage clinics and a combined test at baby starter level, where he ribboned 5th (his first show). He ribboned 5th on 6/11/17 in his first mini trial, at starter level, at Spring Run Horse Trials (his second show).

He's a delight in every way imaginable. Seeking an owner who understands that he does have an old knee injury and he's girthy, and he deserves a loving home!

VIDEO, Stone Place Mini Trial, ribboned 5th! First course, first show, and first time schooling off the farm >>

Video, walk/trot/canter under saddle >>

Located in Prospect, Kentucky


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